Our mission is simple


Safe Drinking Water and Clean Sanitation for all

Safe Drinking Water and Clean Sanitation helps in arresting the spread of disease and is a basic human need for dignified living..

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Million Litres of Water saved with 30 Day Effort

What we do

  1. We map the needs of safe drinking water and clean sanitation at PAN India level
  2. We facilitate and drive an open to all discussion platform (online and  offline) where people from all parts, urban as well as  rural can talk about water issues in their regions. 
  3. Educate the masses about affordable solutions that provide Safe Drinking Water & Clean Sanitation to one and all.

And arrest the spread of disease and provide a basic human need in dignity.

We share our knowledge and experience on integrated approaches for water and sanitation in support of climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The whole point is about accelerating efforts towards meeting water-related challenges, including limited access to safe water and sanitation, increasing pressure on water resources and ecosystems, and an exacerbated risk of droughts and floods..

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Jal Pe Chachra is an initiative to reach every individual to save a million liters of water by innovating & practicing simple day to day water conservation practices.



“SATYAGRAHA made India an independent, sovereign republic. We want to make India the capital of cleanliness, and an example of true, inclusive and green sustainability.”

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Saved 1 Million Litres of Water