About us

Our business philosophy is Service to the Nation & our mission is to provide Right to Water to every citizen of India

Our Story

Aquakraft Projects Pvt. Ltd., is a next generation innovation driven Impact & Sustainability initiative focused on providing clean drinking water to one and all. Formed in 2010 we have focused on continuous innovation and have developed green technologies to address various contaminants in water and sanitation.

We work with global majors and PSUs as their sustainability partners in achieving their water stewardship objectives. AquaKraft has been  recognised as Drinking Water & Sanitation partner under UN SDG6 by the UN Global Compact Network India and has a joint R&D partnership with the prestigious Institute of Chemical Technology (formerly known as UDCT).

Access To Clean Water Is A divine Right. We want To Be the Reality Forever

70% of our planet is made up of water, yet only 1% of it is available to us for drinking. With this number further shrinking as time passes, that day isn’t far when we all would wake up in the middle of a war, not for land, not for power, but for water. We here at AquaKraft, don’t want that day to see the light of the sun. People who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do. We believe we can save it as well. With innovative, robust and sustainable technologies built around water and hygiene, we hope to serve our world well.

Aquakraft has a strong vision to profitably provide, even in economically challenged regions of the world, simple, low-cost, yet effective water filtration and purification products, systems, services and safe sanitation infrastructures.

key outcomes

Resurging. Evolving. Democratising Water.

1 Mission

Mission Contribute in the resolution of the global water management, distribution and sanitation crisis through green, lean, robust & sustainable patented technologies.

10 Years

Operations. Existence. Persistence. Growth.

1000 Villages

Traversed. Assessed. About to change.

1000000+ Litres

Water treated with green, lean & sustainable tech

Dr. Subramanya Kusnur

Founder Chairman & CEO

“I love the kids we serve and when love is the motivation, there is no things that can’t be achieved.”

C. Sridhar


“To be of benefit to all children who need the support of the greatest goal in my life.”


Meet our leadership team

Our Journey

AquaKraft is promoted by “SwachhShree” Dr. Subramanya Kusnur is a well recognized Sustainability & Impact Leader known for his advocacy for clean drinking water & safe sanitation. He is the Founder Chairman and CEO of AquaKraft Projects Pvt. Ltd., an innovation driven next generation for profit social enterprise that creates actionable solutions to drive improvements in areas of sanitation, clean drinking water, health and hygiene across India. His business philosophy is service to the nation & mankind and has successfully spearheaded a movement that has been able to leverage innovation, advocacy and capacity building. He has been at the forefront of advocating sustainability right since the inception of AquaKraft in 2010, which he formed leaving behind a successful corporate career. Since then he has relentlessly worked in the field of Water, promoting Green solutions, and travelled over 3000 villages to help India achieve in its dream of giving the “Right To Water” to every citizen.  His flagship innovation SWACHHAGRAHA – a unique socio economic developmental model, where SWACHH is Sanitation & WAter for Community Health & Hygiene and AGRAHA is an invitation to all stakeholders to come and build a Clean, Green, Health, Prosperous & New India, is relentlessly working towards contributing to the vision of USD 5 trillion economy.