what we do

what we do

We help address Water Challenges with Innovative Solutions

Jal Pe Chachra is an out reach program to every individual to save a million litres of water by innovating & practising simple day to day water conservation practices.


Jal Pe Charcha Advocacy to Save Water


Community Water
Drinking Systems

Working together, facilitate safe drinking water to all whether rural or urban population. Safe Drinking Water helps them with basic health t, and empower them to create lasting change in their own lives and communities.

We provide community water systems that are quick to deploy and easy to maintain. 

An easy to operate bio degradable eco friendly toilets help achieve sustainable development goal of “Clean Sanitation”. Indian government’s vision of clean and healthier society is possible by clean sanitation efforts at the ground level. Aquakraft is in the forefront of innovation to provide clean sanitation solutions for both urban and rural communities and villages. 


Bio Degradable Community Toilets

Be the change to facilitate safe drinking water and clean sanitation

Rain Water Harvesting (RWH)

Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) addresses the Sustainable Development Goal. We advance these goals by providing consulting services for harvesting rain water at local levels

Gully Clinic - Urban Health Care Center

We work towards building an intelligent Urban Community Health Centre that provides a holistic space for interaction of patients, doctors, and community health workers/ volunteers. 


Collaboration with Government and Corporates

Aquakraft understands the government mandates and helps corporates spend their CSR funds the right way as per the government norms,